Mihai Pruna’s first winter surfing experience!

Well I finally did it! Officially surfed during winter ( that time in march in Florida doesn’t count)

So, let’s start with the basics.

Winter wetsuit, I bought a 6:5:4 used , and of course soaked it in water with dish detergent before putting it on. Well, when I put it on, let’s just say that it got …funky. Guess I should have washed it more. And maybe turn it inside out and let it hang dry like that.

That aside, the wetsuit is thick and I actually felt warmer than in my 3:2 during summer.

For the first time ever I changed in and out of the wetsuit inside the car (a small sedan), but I think from now on I will wear it in the car, even on the way back. it’s too cramped to change in the car, and I had to do some contortions that would probably not do much good to the inside seals, already patched by the previous owner.

Of course, excited to go in, after almost a month out of the water, I did not wax my board enough so it was too slippery to do any turns and I just had to try to keep my balance and not try any turns.

Heavy offshore winds meant messy conditions and also lots of resistance when I was standing up. I decided to stay close to the beach and make do mostly with foam, since I was testing new gear.


Caught a few waves and called it a day. Hope to go again tomorrow!Image


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